Artisan Outdoor Craftsman talks about the important benefits of low maintenance decks made from composite materials.

3 Important Benefits of Installing a Low-Maintenance Deck

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Why Low Maintenance Decks Are More Durable & Longer Lasting Than Wood

If you are considering installing a deck around your home then it is important to decide on the best material for the project. Although wood is a popular material used for decks, choosing a low-maintenance deck made from composite materials comes with a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Installing a Low Maintenance Deck

Less Maintenance compared to Pressure Treated Wood Decking

One of the key benefits of low-maintenance decking is that it requires minimal maintenance, lesser than wood or pressure-treated wood decking. Wood decking typically requires a lot of care, otherwise, it can splinter, crack or warp. Also, it tends to lose its coloring, which means it needs to be stained and sealed yearly to maintain its outlook. This can take a lot of time and effort.

Low maintenance decking, on the other hand, doesn’t fade and is not susceptible to wood-eating pests like wood borers, termites, and bark beetles. A low-maintenance deck is more durable and longer-lasting.

Perfectly blend with your Outdoor Kitchen Items

Another solid reason you should consider installing a low-maintenance deck is that it matches a lot of items used in outdoor kitchens. Many homeowners have continued to embrace outdoor kitchens so they can better utilize their outdoor spaces. These kitchens have boxes, storage, benches, and cabinets made from TREX or other composite materials, the same stuff low maintenance decks are made from. This provides a perfect blend between your deck and the outdoor kitchen.


Wood is extremely susceptible to weather and elements. Temperature changes, rain, and extreme sunlight can all be damaging to wood. A low maintenance deck is weatherproof, meaning rain, snow, ice, hail and other weather phenomena don’t harm the deck.

It is common knowledge that wood is susceptible to weather and elements. The effects of rain, temperature changes, and extreme sunlight can be really damaging to wood. There is zero chance of this happening to a low-maintenance deck as it is weatherproof. This is why a low-maintenance deck is a better alternative to wood.

Need a Durable and Functional Composite Deck?

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