5 Best Pergola Designs For 2021

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Artisan Outdoor Craftsman shares the Best Pergola Design ideas with Residents in Fishers, IN

Pergolas are a great way to maximize your outdoor living space, while also shedding your patio from the impact of elements such as rain, sun, and snow. They are designed to add shade to your backyard space, especially during warmer and sunnier seasons. They serve as a great way to enjoy the serene and tranquil outdoor experience with family and guests.

There are a multitude of pergola designs to choose from, depending on your choice and lifestyle.

Best Pergola Designs to Grace Your Outdoor Living Space

Geometric Harmony Freestanding Cubic Pergola

Cubic Pergola is a cube-shaped pergola made of dark wood to create a shaded outdoor room in your home. It has two slatted walls, one of which has a door-like entrance. Some homeowners prefer a wicker furniture in charcoal gray to add a contrasting texture and color, while completing the flooring with a much brighter color.

Pacific Picnic Wooden Pergola Setting

This is a detached structure that offers shades to the picnic area with wide-open sides that provides an expansive view. The natural look of the picnic tables, seating, and flooring, as well as its openness, make this pergola design a preferred option for many homeowners.

Sunny Slide-wire Style Pergola

The Sunny Slide-wire Style Pergola is a casual, open structure that lets you enjoy the outdoor living space even in warmer, sunnier seasons. When you feel the need to return into the shade, you don’t need to change your location, instead, you simply extend the fabric panels between the slats in the roof of the pergola.

Northeastern Pagoda Style Freestanding Pergola

This cozy pergola makes your backyard a go-to spot, especially during northeastern autumn nights. It’s typically completed with upholstered chairs draped with warm throws, coffee table, a stone fireplace, a dinette table, and an outdoor kitchen stand to provide warm, delicious meals.

English Garden Lattice Pergola

This pergola design has an ancient look and feel that create a perfect imagery of a royal living of the Renaissance period. The roof slats provide support to a latticework with large openings while the back has a trellis with smaller openings. English Garden Lattice Pergola is a suitable spot for conversations, dinner and picnic for family and friends.

Pergolas are a valuable addition to your home, with numerous aesthetic and environmental benefits. When you’re ready to install a pergola in Fishers, IN, or the surrounding area, call the experts at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman. Their team of experts will work with you to design custom-made pergola to serve as decorative shade structures that match your lifestyle and your outdoor living space. For more information, visit their official website or call: 317-813-9669.