Can I Replace My Wood Deck Boards with Composite Decking?

can i replace my wood deck boards with composite

Can I replace my wood deck boards with composite? Many homeowners ask this question as they watch their old, unsafe, and unsightly wooden decks worsen in quality and appearance. At Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, we offer the best composite decking in Fishers, IN, and recommend switching to high-quality and durable composite deck boards for long-term benefits and improved […]

6 Top Wood Deck Skirting Ideas

wood deck skirting

Building a wood deck utilizes your outdoor space to create an entertainment area where you can relax, cook, or enjoy spending time with friends and family. The space underneath the deck, however, can appear sparse and ugly, ruining the curb appeal of your home. You can improve its look with wood deck skirting that runs […]

What Makes Capped Composite Decking Different?

capped composite decking

When considering what material to use for building your deck, like many homeowners, you may turn to composite decking as a durable, versatile option. While perusing the available options and features, you’ll come across a building material called capped composite decking. So what’s the difference between capped and uncapped composite boards, and should you build […]

Concrete Patio vs Wood Deck: Which One Makes a Better Outdoor Space?

concrete patio vs wood deck

Creating more living space outside of your home consists of installing a wood deck or concrete patio on your property. Both options provide plenty of room for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing, but deciding on which one you want takes deep consideration. Learn the differences between a concrete patio vs. wood deck and which one best […]

Seven Wood Deck Patterns To Consider for Your Outdoor Space

wood deck pattern main

Creating a beautiful deck includes considering how your floor will look. While you can opt for the most basic pattern possible, wood deck patterns include everything from pinstripes to herringbone. A more complex pattern can upgrade the overall style of your deck and create a more interesting space for entertaining or relaxing. Let’s take a […]

10 Cool Deck Features That You Should Add

deck features

Building a deck offers you multiple areas to improve your outdoor living. Whether you’re building a new deck or upgrading your existing one, you can add a number of deck features that enhance the way you enjoy the outside. Learn about the 10 most popular deck additions that you can consider for a better outdoor […]

Does Composite Decking Expand and Contract?

does composite decking expand and contract

Before building a deck, you need to choose a durable material that lasts for years with minimum maintenance. Composite decking ticks every box, providing you with extreme durability, longevity, and less maintenance than a natural wood deck. Among many other questions, homeowners often wonder, “Does composite decking expand and contract?” The simple answer to this […]

Hard vs Softwood: Which Is the Better Decking Material?

hard vs soft wood

Wood decks have an exquisite beauty to them, but how do you choose hard vs softwood? These two types of wood have different durability, maintenance requirements, and price points that you should consider when building your deck. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of hard vs softwood from the top wood deck contractor in Fishers, IN. What […]

Composite vs. Wood Decking: Pros and Cons

how long does composite decking last

When choosing what material to use for building your deck, the decision comes down to composite vs. wood decking. You can enjoy a sturdy, beautiful deck from either material, but they each have pros and cons to consider before making a final choice. Learn more about the differences between wooden and composite decks in Fishers, […]

Building a Deck on a Slope: Is It Advisable?

building a deck on a slope

While living in the house on the hill sounds charming, sloped yards make it difficult to entertain or relax outside. Luckily, homeowners can invest in building a deck on a slope, regardless of its location or grade. Learn from your local professionals at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman about the benefits and abilities that deck builders can […]