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Building a Deck on a Slope: Is It Advisable?

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While living in the house on the hill sounds charming, sloped yards make it difficult to entertain or relax outside. Luckily, homeowners can invest in building a deck on a slope, regardless of its location or grade. Learn from your local professionals at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman about the benefits and abilities that deck builders can provide with composite or wood decks in Fishers, IN.

deck on a slope

Why Build a Deck on a Slope

Whether you entertain regularly or prefer to relax alone, adding a deck to your home’s sloped front or back yard comes with many benefits.

Expand Your Floor Space

Many homeowners dream of inviting over family or friends for outdoor cooking, mingling, and entertainment. Parties require plenty of space for those activities, and building a deck over a sloped yard can add hundreds of square footage. You can add an outside kitchen, chairs and tables, or an awning to increase the comfort of your outdoor living space.

Additional Storage Space

Building a deck on sloped ground creates more than new living space. You also gain shaded storage space beneath the deck, perfect for containing outdoor tools and accessories.

Cover Landscaping Irregularities

Sloped yards don’t always mean a neatly-angled drop from top to bottom. Some yards have odd angles, strange protrusions, or uneven ledges that break up the landscape in an unappealing way. Building a deck over these irregularities helps you create a beautiful, easily walkable space.

Homeowners who want to enjoy the diversity of their sloped yard can opt for multi-level decks. Besides providing plenty of square footage for guests to spread out comfortably, multi-level decks also cover irregular landscaping while increasing your yard’s utility. You can also designate specific areas to different functions, such as a dining space or fireplace nook.

Improves Curb Appeal

Rough, uneven front yards look unattractive to guests and passersby. A deck built over sloping grounds improves the look of your home and attracts compliments from friends and strangers alike. Besides hiding the yard beneath, a well-built deck adds to your entire property’s visual improvement.

Raises Property Value

Speaking of improvements, decks remain one of the top home improvements to raise your property value. Building a deck over a slope increases that improvement due to adding more outdoor space and providing better functionality of your grounds. If you want to sell a home with a sloped front or back yard, consider adding a deck for a higher asking price.

How Stable Is a Deck Built on a Slope?

Built and maintained properly, a deck built on a slope can last for decades. While some homeowners try to DIY these types of decks, our team at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman has the technical knowledge to ensure the most level, longest-lasting decks. Our deck construction experts also use the best materials available to guard against rot, pests, and weather exposure.

Proper construction starts with deck posts measured to meet the underside of your deck precisely. Our professional deck builders then guard against the posts slipping by filling the holes with concrete. After installing the poles, our builders frame out the floor beams and secure floor boards to them with deck screws.

Since you have decking on a slope, adding a railing protects you and your guests from possible falls. Our deck-building experts will go around the edge of the decking and install the railing balusters, followed by the top rails. Once completed, we’ll perform a last inspection to ensure safety and stability.

a deck on a slope

Build Your Dream Deck With Artisan Outdoor Craftsman in Fishers, IN

Artisan Outdoor Craftsman provides custom decking services to homeowners and businesses in Fishers, IN, and nearby areas. We have an expert team skilled in building safe, secure decks on sloped grounds while ensuring beautiful construction and decades-long stability. Our staff can answer any questions or concerns on home improvement projects involving decks, patios, and outdoor living.

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