10 Porch Design Ideas for Your Next Project

Porch Design Ideas

Your porch is an extension of your home, and there’s no limit to what you can do with it. Are you thinking about redesigning yours?  Here are some porch design ideas before you start your search for reliable “porch builders in my area.” Don’t Let Anything Limit Your Imagination—Make Your Porch Your Own Before we […]

Concrete Patio vs Wood Deck: Which One Makes a Better Outdoor Space?

concrete patio vs wood deck

Creating more living space outside of your home consists of installing a wood deck or concrete patio on your property. Both options provide plenty of room for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing, but deciding on which one you want takes deep consideration. Learn the differences between a concrete patio vs. wood deck and which one best […]

10 Cool Deck Features That You Should Add

deck features

Building a deck offers you multiple areas to improve your outdoor living. Whether you’re building a new deck or upgrading your existing one, you can add a number of deck features that enhance the way you enjoy the outside. Learn about the 10 most popular deck additions that you can consider for a better outdoor […]

Benefits Of Western Red Cedar Wood: Is Cedar Wood Strong?

Western red cedar wood is popular among homeowners due to its many benefits. Red cedar wood is strong and durable, making it a good choice for outdoor living projects such as decks and other structures. Western Red Cedar – 6 Incredible Benefits Of Cedar Wood #1 – Naturally Resistant To Rot And Insects Western red […]

6 Backyard Indoor-Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Backyard Indoor-Outdoor Living Space Ideas - Artisan Outdoor Craftsman

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s so delightful to curl up indoors. But what if you don’t want to stop enjoying the fresh breeze of mother nature? These indoor-outdoor living space ideas will help you make the most of your outdoor space, even when the weather isn’t perfect! Believe it or not, there are […]

Deck Lighting Ideas For A Nighttime-Ready Outdoor Living Space

Deck Lighting Ideas For A Nighttime-Ready Outdoor Living Space

The right deck lighting options can transform a dark, lonely outdoor living space into the best place for nighttime parties! If you’re wondering where to place your outdoor deck lighting to keep guests entertained, you’re in the right place. It’s all about the design and placement – and making sure it all combines with your […]

5 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Pavilion to your Home

benefit of outdoor pavilion - enjoy beautiful weather with family and friends

Turning bad weather into a great experience, having you and your loved ones closer, giving your children a safe outdoor space to play in – these are just some of the best reasons to get an outdoor pavilion in Central Indiana. Pavilions have a variety of purposes! Not only are they a great way to […]