10 Cool Deck Features That You Should Add

deck features

Building a deck offers you multiple areas to improve your outdoor living. Whether you’re building a new deck or upgrading your existing one, you can add a number of deck features that enhance the way you enjoy the outside. Learn about the 10 most popular deck additions that you can consider for a better outdoor […]

Benefits Of Western Red Cedar Wood: Is Cedar Wood Strong?

Western red cedar wood is popular among homeowners due to its many benefits. Red cedar wood is strong and durable, making it a good choice for outdoor living projects such as decks and other structures. Western Red Cedar – 6 Incredible Benefits Of Cedar Wood #1 – Naturally Resistant To Rot And Insects Western red […]

The 8 Best Pergola Design Ideas for an Epic Backyard Makeover

a beautiful Pergola Design by Artisan Outdoor Craftsman

Is your backyard in dire need of some TLC? If so, consider giving it a pergola makeover! Pergolas are a great way to add some character and functionality to your backyard while also providing some much-needed shade. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best pergola design ideas for an epic backyard […]

Home Improvement Ideas: Pergola and Deck Plans for your Outdoors

Pergola Design

Installing a pergola in your backyard provides many benefits, such as providing you shade, increasing your home’s value, and defining your outdoor space into something special. Pergolas infuse strong architectural interest into your backyard while creating a serene place to enjoy the outdoor living with family and friends. Meanwhile, pergolas and decks go hand in […]

Artisan Outdoor Craftsman Shares Some of the Best Pergola Deck Ideas

Pergola Deck

A pergola deck can be a beautiful addition to your home. Pergolas have several benefits such as adding aesthetic value to your home, increasing your home’s value, and transforming your backyard to a safe, lively outdoor living space. However, choosing the right pergola for your home can feel a little overwhelming. This is because there […]

5 Best Pergola Designs For 2021


Artisan Outdoor Craftsman shares the Best Pergola Design ideas with Residents in Fishers, IN Pergolas are a great way to maximize your outdoor living space, while also shedding your patio from the impact of elements such as rain, sun, and snow. They are designed to add shade to your backyard space, especially during warmer and […]