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10 Cool Deck Features That You Should Add

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Building a deck offers you multiple areas to improve your outdoor living. Whether you’re building a new deck or upgrading your existing one, you can add a number of deck features that enhance the way you enjoy the outside. Learn about the 10 most popular deck additions that you can consider for a better outdoor experience from the best wood decking contractor in Fishers, IN.

1. Deck Coverings

The hot sun or pouring rain can hamper the way you enjoy your deck, so adding a covering will increase the opportunities you have to spend time outside. You can choose from many types of deck coverings, including:


Awnings typically consist of lightweight cloth material treated with acrylic to withstand outdoor weather conditions. These covers come in various colors, patterns, and textures, and can remain fixed or retract onto a roller to let deck owners enjoy the sun.


Pergolas use a grid of rafters and beams, usually made of wood, to create a shaded area on your deck that provides a cool area with relief from direct sunlight. The design of a pergola allows you to dress it up with foliage or cloth materials for extra shade.

Extended Roofs

Decks built directly against your home can gain shade by extending the roof’s square footage to cover the space. This design allows you to create a continuous look between your home and your deck while providing a permanent source of shade.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Among the most portable of covered deck ideas, cantilever umbrellas use a weighted base to provide shade with a suspended umbrella. These deck coverings come in multiple designs, colors, and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect one for your deck space.

2. Permanent and Portable Lighting

A great way to enhance your outdoor living space consists of adding lighting that makes it possible to use your deck at night. Portable lighting such as floor lamps or hanging lights allow you to create drama and style. For more functional lighting, permanent lighting can include lights around the base or railing of your deck that help people see and avoid potential trips and falls.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most intriguing ways to upgrade your outdoor living space includes the installation of an outdoor kitchen. Popular and well-known home appliance name brands create a number of refrigerators, wine coolers, and more that can withstand outdoor temperatures while functioning at perfect capacity. Top off your outdoor kitchen with a built-in pizza oven and dining furniture covered by a pergola, awning, or cantilever umbrella.

4. Fire Pit Area

Another favorite among creative deck features, placing a fire pit on a part of your deck creates a comfortable space to roast hot dogs, make s’mores, and enjoy the warmth of a fire at any time. You can opt to leave a space large enough to purchase and place a portable fire pit, or have one constructed straight into the deck. If you choose to build a permanent fire pit on your deck, work with a professional deck building team to ensure safe construction.

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5. Deck Railings

Many homeowners add a deck railing to increase the safety of their deck, reducing the chance of family or friends falling off and keeping pets safe from sudden drops off the deck. Deck railings don’t have to look boring, however. You can use railings made of materials ranging from wood to metal to acrylic, with glass railings making it possible to enjoy an excellent view of your surroundings while maintaining a safe environment.

6. Deck Drainage Systems

Many homeowners ignore the underside of their decks, not realizing that they’re missing the opportunity to make use of that space. A deck drainage system creates a safe, covered area beneath a deck that the homeowner can then use for storage. You could also use that space as another outdoor living area, depending on the condition of the ground underneath.

7. Screened-In Walls

Make your deck more livable by adding permanent or retractable screened-in walls. These screens prevent insects, birds, and other pests from invading your space, an especially useful function when you’re enjoying a meal outdoors. With retractable wall screens, you can pull the screens up to enjoy the open air during the day and lower the screens as the mosquitos make their first appearance.

8. Curved Construction

Are you looking for a way to make your deck more unique? Curving the edges of your deck adds visual interest while utilizing every possible inch of space in your backyard. You can also curve deck railings, steps, and deck covers to fit your ideal outline and create an intriguing outdoor space sure to catch the eyes of everyone in your neighborhood.

9. Heating and Cooling Equipment

Spending time outdoors in the summer can get hot quickly. When shade doesn’t cool you off enough, you can add ceiling fans or portable fans to create a manmade wind that keeps you cool and relaxed. In the winter, a deck heater allows you to spend time outside without turning into an icicle. 

10. Outdoor Entertainment Rooms

Take the walls down, leave the roof up, and you can fill your outdoor space with various forms of comfort and entertainment. Enjoy the open air while you relax on a couch and watch television, make a meal, or enjoy drinks with friends and family. Outdoor entertainment rooms can change the way you view the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the living room without the challenges of outdoor relaxation.

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Create the Deck of Your Dreams With the Best Features in Fishers, IN

When choosing to build an outdoor living space, you can add a number of deck features that improve your deck’s functionality and adds new activities to your home. The deck designs and building experts at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman can help you decide on which features work best for your ideal outdoor space. Whether you need guidance on composite vs. wood decking or want to improve your current deck, call Artisan Outdoor Craftsman in Fishers, IN, at 317-813-9669.