Deck Lighting Ideas For A Nighttime-Ready Outdoor Living Space

Deck Lighting Ideas For A Nighttime-Ready Outdoor Living Space

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The right deck lighting options can transform a dark, lonely outdoor living space into the best place for nighttime parties!

If you’re wondering where to place your outdoor deck lighting to keep guests entertained, you’re in the right place. It’s all about the design and placement – and making sure it all combines with your home.

This article will give you some A-mazing deck lighting ideas for a nighttime-ready outdoor space. Just be prepared to have all your friends flooding your home.

Under Rail Deck Lighting

Deck railings are the perfect place to attach lights. This option creates a romantic, elegant effect that highlights your railings and ensures your guests are well lit as they go about their nighttime business.

Socializing becomes much more fun when you can actually see your friends!

For those of you that like to get extra cozy at night on your deck, outdoor loveseat, or porch swing > lighting your under-railing area will help you see where you’re walking and avoid any trips and falls during the night.

Lighting up the dark is important to #staysafe too. Who knew it?

To sum it up: If you’re interested in a practical option that also brings a sense of elegance, class, and romance – consider under rail deck lighting.

Enamor Your Guests With Illuminated Planters Outdoor

illuminated outdoor deck with amazing deck lights

Lit-up plants provide the perfect accent to any outdoor living space by illuminating pathways or by highlighting a specific plant while creating an overall elegant and enchanting effect.

When choosing plants to add beauty and light – we recommend getting smaller plants with fewer leaves. They can be great accents to your deck lighting without requiring much extra maintenance.

Illuminated plants are all about ambiance, so plan your lighting design before putting them on display.

Not all plants are practical for all types of decks (and for all types of people). Cleaning leaves and maintaining your plants can mean some extra chores.

But you can also see it as a relaxing activity to clean your patio, deck, or porch. Listening to the birds’ melodies while enjoying your beautiful plants can be a soothing routine, especially if you have a sick-looking deck below your feet.

To sum it up: Lit-up plants are, visually speaking, one of the best lighting options. Practically speaking, they take more space and shed leaves.

Outdoor Tree Lights For A More Natural Look

Decks give you more opportunities to appreciate wonderful moments. They make you spend more time in a more natural part of your home, like your backyard.

Adding some light to the plants around your deck is an excellent way to create a more magical, enchanting environment – but in a different sense. The lighting comes not from within your deck like a potted plant or a lamp, but from the surrounding plants.

With this option, what you’ll mostly be doing is creating a natural atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

It’s also a lower-maintenance way of bringing beauty and uniqueness to your outdoor space. Fewer leaves will be shed on your deck.

To sum it up: Lighting up the trees or bushes will bring out the natural ‘feel’ in your outdoor space.

Recessed Lights For A Modern, Sleek Effect

Adding recessed lighting under decks or porches is a totally different style, but that doesn’t mean it won’t combine well with the other types of lighting.

By itself, recessed lights can often create a sleek, modern, and stylish environment.

Recessed lights are installed on the deck’s floor, which means they don’t take up any space. This leaves more space to place furniture or other decorative items on your porch.

They’re also concealed, resulting in extra space – and a deck that looks sleek and modern.

Even when they’re on, the lighting is subtle and focused, which means your deck doesn’t have to look like a stadium if you use a good product.

To sum it up: Recessed lights are a modern way of bringing extra light to your porch or deck without taking up extra space.

Call Artisan To Get Your Perfect Deck Lighting!

Make the most of your deck, porch, or outdoor living area with some awesome lighting. It’s practical and adds an awesome feeling to your home at the same time! We hope you found these outdoor deck lighting ideas useful!

We’d be happy to help beautify your home in exquisite ways with our artistic touch! Whenever you choose Artisan to build your custom deck or outdoor structure, you’ll have the reassurance that it’ll be built to perfection.

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