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Deck Renovation vs Deck Replacement: Which Should You Choose?

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Artisan Outdoor Craftsman offers high-quality deck installation services to residents in St Fishers, IN

A properly installed deck can last many decades in your home, depending on the quality of the materials used, your home’s climate, and how well you maintain it. But even with the best product, your deck will not last a lifetime.

Over the years, factors such as weather, and wear and tear cause your wooden deck to lose its color and quality. You may also notice that your deck boards are loose and worn down or the stairs and railings are uneven and insecure.

Deciding Between Deck Renovation And Deck Replacement

Consider age and safety

The older your deck is, the more likely for it to have some areas that require repair or replacement. Issues such as unstable beams, rotting components, or broken boards can pose serious safety risks.

If your deck is very old and outdated, it may be time you consider a deck replacement. But if your deck is fairly new and still has its structural integrity intact, deck renovation may be a good option.

Inspect your deck

There are many aspects to a beautiful, safe, and durable deck. You will need to inspect these areas for yourself or have a professional inspect them, so you can fully evaluate the current condition of your deck.

Inspect the following features:

Ledger Board

The ledger board is the long, horizontal board that supports decks that are attached to your home. If the board is not properly attached or already decaying due to water damage, it can cause the deck to collapse.

Since weak ledger boards are the main risk factor of deck collapse, it is important to check them regularly as your deck gets older. If it is seriously damaged, you will probably need to replace your deck.


Flashing provides protection against water damage. Many municipalities require flashing if a deck is connected to the home.

Sometimes, you may notice missing flashing. If the other components of your deck are in good shape, any missing flashing can be installed to help channel moisture away from your deck and home.

However, if your inspection reveals serious related water damage, you may consider a new deck.

Speak to an Expert

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