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Do Screened Porches Add Value to Your Home?

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Many people enjoy the outdoors but may find themselves driven inside by annoying insects and poor weather. A screened porch is the perfect solution, as it allows you to spend more time outside with fewer drawbacks.

However, personal use isn’t the only thing you have to think about. If you want to start a home improvement project, you need to make sure it’s worth the effort.

Do screened porches add value to your home? How do they do so, and how can you get the most out of your investment? At Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, we aim to answer these questions and help you craft the perfect screened porch design.

How Do Screened Porches Add Value to a Property?

A screened porch, as the name implies, is a deck or porch that has a mesh screen or windows on three sides. This screen protects against rainy weather, bugs, and other potential problems. The structure itself attaches directly to the house, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces more readily.

Because of their utility, screened porches can add a significant amount of value to your home. In fact, you can receive anywhere between a 70% and an 84% return on investment by installing one. This happens for several reasons, including the following.

Increase Square Footage

The bigger your home, the more appealing it is to potential buyers — and screened porches extend usable living space without forcing you to build an extensive home addition. Even if appraisers don’t typically include them in the home’s square footage, screened porches still make the property look bigger and give you a little extra room.

Add Curb Appeal

One of the first things a passerby will notice is your home’s exterior. A beautifully landscaped, well-maintained property will make a strong impression and improve your home’s overall value.

If you want to boost curb appeal, adding a screened porch could be an excellent choice. These structures, when you design and build them correctly, can add a lot of charm and beauty to a property. Install one facing the street, decorate it carefully, and add proper landscaping around it to really impress your neighbors.

Improve Your Home’s Functionality

Since screened porches add to your existing living spaces, you can use them for just about anything. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a home gym but didn’t have the room; you could add exercise equipment to your screened porch, allowing you to work out and enjoy the sun.

Or, maybe you’d like a space for your kids to play and want to turn your screened porch into a playroom. Perhaps you’d love to sit outside and read a book. A screened porch allows you to do so without worrying about bad weather or frustrating insects.

This added utility doesn’t just affect your own lifestyle; potential buyers may look at a screened porch and imagine how they could enjoy it, which could raise your property’s overall worth.

What Affects Your Return on Investment?

Do screened porches add value to your property? Yes, but how much value it adds depends on several factors.


While screened porches are beneficial in any climate, they tend to add more value in locations with mild weather. After all, screens may keep out rain and snow, but they can’t entirely keep out the cold; if you live in a location with pleasant weather year-round, you can get more use out of your screened porch.

You can mitigate this downside by using glass instead of mesh screens; however, this might affect the price of the project, so it’s important to think carefully about your budget before continuing.


Do other houses in your neighborhood have screened-in porches? If so, this sets an expectation for buyers; if your home lacks a screened porch (or your porch has a different design than those in the rest of your neighborhood), it may not fetch as high a price as other properties.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Screened-In Porch

Before searching for “the best porch builders in my area,” you’ll want to plan ahead. You should:

  • Keep your neighborhood in mind: Take the time to walk around your neighborhood and examine others’ properties. How many houses have screened porches? What features do they have? Take careful notes, then design a porch that meets or exceeds these standards.
  • Think about your home’s current aesthetic: Do you have a property with a lot of rustic charm, or is your property more modern? You’ll want to tailor your screened porch design to match your property if you want to enhance curb appeal.
  • Consider how you want to use your porch: Installing a new screened porch may add value to your property, but you may still live in it for years to come. As such, you also want to design it with your own needs in mind. Think about why you’d like to install a porch, set a budget, and work with professionals to make sure you get something you’ll love.
  • Ask for advice: Your screened porch builders may have design tips to help you get the highest return on investment, so don’t be afraid to ask for their opinions.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Help From Artisan Outdoor Craftsman

Home improvements are excellent ways to enhance your home’s overall value. Deciding on the right one for your needs and budget, however, isn’t always easy. You need to choose something that adds significant value, extensive utility, and more.

Screened porches add aesthetic appeal, extra living space, and amazing functionality, and at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, Fishers, IN we can bring your dreams to life. Our artisans can answer a wide range of questions, from “Do screened porches add value to a property?” to “What are some common types of screen porch materials?” We tailor each design to the unique needs of our clients, working to produce fantastic products that will enhance your living space.

Don’t wait to get the perfect addition to your property. Get a free estimate or Call at (317) 813-9669 to speak to an artisan from Artisan Outdoor Craftsman today.