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Does Trex Decking Get Hot?

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While building a new deck is exciting, a common concern always surrounds whether it’s safe to walk on and how hot it will get. All decks get hot, but the difference between a warm and uncomfortably scorching surface depends on several factors to consider. In this guide, we answer, “Does Trex decking get hot?” and share what you can do to make your deck cooler and more comfortable during the hot summer months. Learn more about this topic from the business that builds the best composite decks in Fishers, IN, then call us to discuss your next project. 

Factors that Affect How Hot Decks Get

Although you have many deck designs to consider, it’s essential to design your deck so you can stay cool and comfortable during the hottest weather. Trex decking is one of the most durable, long-lasting deck types but still gets hot like other materials. How hot your deck will get during summer conditions depends on several factors, so keep these in mind when crafting your perfect deck:

Decking Material

The type of Trex decking you choose will contribute to heat absorption and reflection, hopefully taking in as little as possible. Wood is typically cooler than Trex or composite decking, but manufacturer specifications and deck color are truly what affect how hot the deck will get.  If you opt for capped composite decking, you’re likely to notice cooler deck temperatures due to the protective sleeve. Your deck will take in less heat and water, creating a more comfortable surface for you and your loved ones to walk on. Explore your options for Trex decking to find the best fit. 

Decking Color

Colors significantly affect how high deck temperatures can reach. Lighter colors feel cooler to the touch, just like you would expect with clothing. Darker deck colors will absorb more heat and feel hotter. If you’re worried about burning your feet, it’s best to go with a lighter color.  Before committing to a color, test your options with sample materials in your yard. You can place the boards in a sunny area, mimicking the conditions of your deck, and place your hand and foot on each of the surfaces. You’ll get a better idea of how hot each color of Trex decking gets.

Direct Sunlight Exposure

Does Trex decking get hot? Yes, but how hot depends on how much exposure your deck has to the sun. If nothing is blocking the sun’s rays, your deck will naturally heat up more and perhaps feel more uncomfortable on your feet. The more sun exposure your deck has, the higher temperature it will reach. If you plan to build your deck in an area with little natural shade, consider adding artificial means to protect the feet of you, your pets, and your loved ones. You can add a pergola with a shade, thick deck screens (or privacy screens), or some umbrellas. It can make your deck hangout more enjoyable.

Ventilation Underneath Deck

Having adequate airflow under your deck is necessary for cutting down some of the harsh heat. The heat and air need somewhere to go, and small spaces between the boards (composite or not) allow your deck to cool. Working with a deck professional will help you find the happy medium of how large of a gap to create between each board, as you don’t want them too big or small.

Local Temperatures

No one has control over the weather in their area, but it’s good to keep up with it. It can help you decide what steps to take to achieve a cooler deck. You might need to take extra measures if the climate in your local community often reaches uncomfortable highs in the spring and summer. 

Test Deck Temperatures for Children and Pets

You want everyone to enjoy their time outside and in the sun on your beautiful new deck but don’t want anyone burning their feet. Testing the temperature of your Trex decking with the back of your hand is a good way to see if children and pets will feel comfortable on the deck. Set up umbrellas, blankets, rugs, or a pergola to let everyone on your deck have some fun in the sun without feeling burnt or uncomfortable. 

How to Cool Off Your Trex Decking

Even if you choose the perfect deck material and color, your deck will inevitably get hot. However, you can keep your deck cool with several easy steps. First, add some sort of shade and relief from the heat on your deck, such as with a pergola and an optional shade screen or covering on top. You could also secure an awning to the side of your house that passes over your deck. This is another excellent way to add shade and style to your deck. If you plan on dining on your deck, consider a table with a built-in hole for an umbrella. You can enjoy a nice meal while staying comfortable. Before building your deck, think about a shady and temperate location on your property. Not every homeowner has many choices about where to build their deck, but if you do, considering a comfortable area is essential. Finally, adding outdoor furniture and rugs on your deck can prevent the deck from absorbing so much heat and getting hot, but you must choose materials that conduct the least amount of heat.

Let Artisan Outdoor Craftsman Build Your Dream Deck in Fishers, IN

We hope you know the answer to “Does Trex decking get hot?” and various ways to make your deck cooler and more enjoyable. At Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, our artisans will help you compare various Trex decking levels and determine the best combination of colors, materials, and more to achieve the deck you’ve always wanted. We have the experience, passion, and high-quality materials you need to get started. Contact Artisan Outdoor Craftsman in Fishers, IN, to discuss your ideas for crafting a new deck. You can call us at (317) 318-9669 for more information or to get a free estimate.