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Home Improvement Ideas: Pergola and Deck Plans for your Outdoors

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Installing a pergola in your backyard provides many benefits, such as providing you shade, increasing your home’s value, and defining your outdoor space into something special. Pergolas infuse strong architectural interest into your backyard while creating a serene place to enjoy the outdoor living with family and friends.

Meanwhile, pergolas and decks go hand in hand to define your outdoor living space. A high-quality, durable deck can complement your projecting eave, giving your home an appealing look.

There are several pergola and deck plans you can choose for your home. To make the most of your pergola, you need to know what type of structure is suitable for your yard space.

What To Consider When Choosing A Pergola And Deck Plan


The most important part of constructing a long-standing pergola is the quality of materials you use. Pergolas are built using different materials, including vinyl or wood.

Wood pergolas combine strength and durability to give you an attractive structure. They come in different stains and paint colors, creating a natural look in a garden or patio space.

Homeowners can also choose from other materials, such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass. Each material has its unique advantages. You can discuss with your local deck designer for guidance when choosing a material to use for your pergola.


Size is another important factor to consider when choosing a pergola and deck plan for your home. The size of your pergola will be determined by a number of factors, including the amount of outdoor space of your house, the presence of other outdoor structures or landscape features. A professional can help you plan and design your structure based on the specifics of your landscape.


Right at the planning stage, you will need to determine the amount of shade your pergola will provide. In most cases, the amount of shade you get depends on where you situate your structure, the spacing between the rafters, and the size of the slats making up the roof. The closer the slats to the rafters, the more shade you will get.

Pergola designs

There are tons of possible pergola design ideas you can choose from. Designs are grouped into several types in terms of structure, shade types, and the material used in constructing them.

Common pergola design types include:

    • Freestanding pergola design
    • Wall-mounted pergola design
    • Attached pergola design

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