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Ryan Coyle
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With 20+ years of experience in the landscape, decking, and construction industries, Ryan is one of the top deck designers in the central Indiana area. He and his companies have garnered several awards for their designs.

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Is Curved Decking a Good Idea?

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Improving the comfort and style of your outdoor living spaces can be challenging without the right information. With so many deck and porch design options to choose from, you may wonder which ones are best for you. 

Many homeowners invest in curved decking designs to create beautiful, functional backyard spaces.

Below, our experts at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman discuss whether curved deck designs are a good idea. Consider the following information, then schedule a consultation to explore a wide range of curved and composite decks for your next home renovation.

Benefits of Curved Decking

Curved Decking

Whether you want to entertain guests or enjoy a quiet outdoor environment, curved decks are a practical choice. Here are five benefits you can expect from a curved decking installation:

Architecturally Flexible

Unlike conventional square or rectangular decking, curved decks can complement nearly any architectural style. Build these decks off your back porch or side entrance for a seamless look. Artisans — like those at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman — can shape and size your dream deck according to your exact specifications.

You can also enhance your curved deck with mosquito netting, awnings, and turret structures. It may be wise to build a solid, curved shelter over your decking to protect it from weathering. However, a traditional square or rectangle awning can still look great above a round deck.

Space for Outdoor Furniture and Utilities

90-degree corners can take up a lot of deck space. Consequently, you may have less room to place chairs, outdoor dining tables, or grills. Curved decking resolves this problem by widening the area between your railing and house siding.

Align chairs in a circular pattern to create an intimate environment for family and friends. You could also install an in-deck fire pit to stay warm during evening gatherings.

Personalize the walls of your curved decks to function as shelves or benches. You can decorate the end posts with houseplants or garden statues. Enjoy endless functional design solutions with curved decking.

Modern and Fashionable

Curved decks are popular among first-time homebuyers. These modern and fashionable designs stand out from traditional decks and encourage a higher degree of customization. Impress guests and treat your backyard like a work of art by investing in these high-end designs.

Some homeowners even build additional levels to their curved decking, so they can designate a space for jacuzzis, outdoor entertainment systems, or miniature gardens. 

Choose from dozens of deck board and trim colors when planning your design. For instance, you could install light-colored wood planks with dark trim to highlight stairs or edges. Alternatively, a combination of vibrant wood colors could create a more whimsical atmosphere if you prefer your decking to be the center of attention.

Provides a Stunning View

You can install a curved deck around one side of your house, allowing you to enjoy 180-degree panoramic views. Depending on the size of your deck, this solution could also allow you to move vulnerable furniture out of the path of directional winds. 

Curved decking encourages guests to spend more time outside during gatherings and special events. Install a high-rise deck, so guests can look down at the yard below, or install a ground-level deck to stay close to the action.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning and repainting a curved wooden deck is relatively straightforward. Unlike traditional deck designs, curved decks do not have many crevices for dirt and grime to accumulate. Your artisan deck builder can discuss several upkeep strategies during your consultation.

Don’t worry about snow and ice causing you trouble in the winter. You can install curved railing along your deck to avoid slips and falls.

Potential Drawbacks of Curved Decking

Deck Design and Construction

Now that you understand the perks of curved decking, it’s important to consider some drawbacks before you commit to an installation. Here are three things that may encourage you to reconsider a curved design:


You should expect to spend more time planning and measuring your curved deck than you might when building a conventional design. Contractors must ensure that all the calculations are correct before installing materials. However, different-sized joints and deck boards can cause confusion throughout the process.

Experienced deck builders can simplify your build with fast and easy installations. They will apply years of industry experience to design the perfect deck for your home’s exterior limitations and style.

More Waste Products  

Cutting and curing curved planks will inevitably demand more materials for your project. You can also expect artisans to produce higher volumes of waste during construction. This design may not be right for you if you worry about sustainability.

It’s best to partner with a reliable contractor to recycle and reuse as much material as possible for your new deck.

Higher Costs

Customized curved decking requires artisan handiwork for the best results. As such, you can expect some of these designs to cost more upfront than traditional decking. 

Still, curved decks can save you money in the long run due to low upkeep demands. They could also significantly improve the resale value of your home when it comes time to list it on the market.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Artisan Crafters Near You

So, is a curved deck design a good idea for your home and budget? Our professionals at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman can help you decide during a comprehensive consultation. We will inspect your home’s exterior and recommend design options we know you will love.

Our artisans can simplify your custom deck design and construction using superior-grade materials and outstanding attention to detail. Feel free to ask us any questions you have about the construction process along the way. Our crew will keep you updated with their progress and provide all the answers you need to feel confident about the results.

We can also upgrade your deck with outdoor kitchens, bars, and pagodas. This way, you and your guests can access all the amenities you need in one convenient location.

Contact our Artisan Outdoor Craftsman team in Fishers, IN, and schedule a curved decking consultation by calling 317-648-1137.