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Mastering the Basics: Waterproof Deck Construction Details Explained

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Have you always desired a deck that helps you cut down on the endless maintenance needs your property seems to come up with? Why not consider the many benefits of waterproof decks? A gorgeous waterproof deck area equips you with a pristine and beautiful space through every season, on top of easing up those tedious maintenance requirements.

What do the waterproof deck construction details involve, and are they worth the effort? To help you decide, the Artisan Outdoor Craftsman team shares more about waterproofing a deck below, including how to construct, install, and care for your new and improved outdoor living area.

What is a Waterproof Deck?

Wood deck waterproofing will repel rain and other water. It also typically features a mold-resistant layer that does not succumb to consistent moisture levels like natural wood does. Without this protection, a natural wood deck eventually weathers and rots, which means it requires regular resealing, sanding, and staining. 

Waterproof decking prevents all these premature signs of aging. It also needs a lot less maintenance and resists water and mold. So, if you want an attractive and well-maintained deck for longer, look into waterproofing measures as soon as possible.

Choose From These Typical Wood Deck Waterproofing Materials

Typical waterproof decks consist of composite or PVC decking. This option is made from plastic and other materials that create a thick, non-porous plank. Experts will install the deck using a groove and plank system, so the process is simple and fast. Additionally, it is not uncommon for this type of deck to cover a pre-existing deck. The composite PVC top planks lend extra support and, of course, great waterproofing. 

The Flawless Installation & Preparation of Waterproof Decks Lies in Getting the Details Right

What else should you know about the installation and waterproof deck construction details before you go this route? Well, the most important piece of information is that your waterproof decking will require meticulous preparation to ensure it is foolproof.

For example, the talented crew from Artisan Outdoor Craftsman will complete the following preparation:

  • Clear the deck area and a general area for workers
  • Remove patio furniture and all other items on top of the deck’s surface
  • Inspect the area to evaluate the services or repairs your deck needs before waterproofing  
  • Remove the current wood or apply sealant

After securing the structural integrity of the current deck and clearing the workspace, the contractors can install your waterproof material of choice. Sometimes, this includes a membrane layer between your current deck and the new planks to provide ample protection. 

PVC composite-style planks click a tongue and groove lock across the current decking surface, creating a seamless, waterproof deck in no time. You can also opt for an additional waterproof membrane on top for ultimate protection, although most PVC materials should deflect water adequately.

Don’t Forget the Industry’s Best Practices for Well-Crafted Waterproof Deck Construction Details

Since your deck needs to stand up against intense UV rays and various weather conditions year-round, it’s important to follow some best practices when undergoing installation. These standards ensure your deck is up to code. For example:

  • Lay a membrane sublayer between the old and new deck
  • Cover open spots, including stairs and edges, where water can seep into the deck
  • Provide a safe, waterproof deck railing
  • Install a waterproof clear sealer on top of the PVC surface for particularly exposed decks

Checking these boxes not only prevents damage to your decking but also helps it last and look beautiful season after season. That’s why opting for installation from deck professionals provides so many benefits, including a wide variety of materials, designs, styles, and ideas. Professionals understand how to apply the best practices to your particular setting and also how to assess whether applying specific sealants or finishes will keep your deck in great shape for longer.

It’s Easy To Ace The Final Waterproof Deck Construction Details With a Solid Process

When you choose a team like Artisan Outdoor Craftsman to handle your waterproof deck construction, the attention to detail during the planning and design phase makes any construction quick and thorough. Here’s what to expect:

Step One: Design

The first step involves reviewing the design process so that you get the waterproof deck design with the function you need. The contractor should discuss your ideas, create a straightforward plan, and walk you through the planned waterproof deck installation.

Step Two: Protect

Once the work begins, the team will prepare, fix, and protect your current deck to ensure its structural integrity. This includes tweaks to the perimeter, corners, handrails, and stairs. It may also be necessary to install a drainage system to prevent water build-up at the ground’s surface.

Step Three: Finish

How do the professionals ensure the highest quality waterproof decking materials? The right preparation includes choosing the final layers and finishes for a smooth process that meshes design and function.

Make It Simple and Choose Reliable Waterproof Deck Professionals for Your Deck Project in Fishers, Indiana

When it comes to waterproofing, decking professionals know best. They understand installation, preparation, and procedures that won’t damage system components or compromise waterproof layers. If you want guaranteed composite deck durability that provides optimal protection from water and mold, you need a professional team who knows what they’re doing and can achieve a long-lasting finish.

With a specialized outdoor living construction and design team like Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, you can enjoy high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and top-notch waterproof decking and deck designs. Why not let us help you create the perfect outdoor waterproof deck space for you and your loved ones to enjoy year after year?

Do you have questions about waterproof deck construction details or other options? Call (317) 342-5955 today to speak with Artisan Outdoor Craftsman’s talented team in Fishers, IN, or request a free estimate. Why not check out our custom deck designs, outdoor kitchen remodels, and pergolas, too?