New Deck Installation

New Deck Installation: DIY vs Hiring A Professional Deck Contractor

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So, you’re impressed with the benefits of adding a deck to your outdoor living space, but you’re contemplating whether you should tackle the new deck installation as a DIY project or hire a professional outdoor deck builder.

Building a deck in your home can be a great addition to your home, but how you approach the project will also determine whether or not the investment is worth it.

Before deciding if you should DIY or hire an expert, consider the pros and cons.

DIY Pros:

If you consider yourself handy with tools and feel confident about being able to install your deck, then here are some of the benefits you stand to gain from taking on the challenge:

  • Saving: Taking the DIY route on your deck building project helps you save the cost of hiring an outdoor deck builder, such as labor and overhead charges.
  • Time: When you’re in charge of the project, then you can determine when you want to finish the project without the stress of communicating with others.
  • Control: Building your deck yourself means you’re fully in control and can decide everything about the details of the design.


  • You risk voiding warranty if mistakes coming from you result in damage to the material
  • Inexperience can lead to damage or injury

Pros of Hiring a Professional:

  • Warranty: Trained deck contractors build to the manufacturer’s specifications, which helps ensure that the warranty on your decking materials stays intact.
  • Lower risk: With a professional handling your project, you can rest assured that your deck is correctly done.
  • Save time and effort: Deck professionals know the nuances of construction, making installation much faster and less hassle than a DIYer.
  • Higher quality work and more design options.
  • Less stress and more efficient
  • Work with a company with years of experience and a smooth production process.


You’ll incur initial costs on workmanship and overhead fees.

Should you DIY or Hire a Professional?

Building a deck is a demanding task that requires a basic understanding of building or construction principles. Also, building materials are expensive, which means a slight mistake can be costly.

If you’re handy with tools and confident about your skills to build the deck from start to finish, you can go handle the work yourself.

But if you’re not handy, hiring a professional is the way to go. A professional can handle everything from design and installation from start to finish, including procuring quality and securing any required permits.

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