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Can I Replace My Wood Deck Boards with Composite Decking?

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Can I replace my wood deck boards with composite? Many homeowners ask this question as they watch their old, unsafe, and unsightly wooden decks worsen in quality and appearance. At Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, we offer the best composite decking in Fishers, IN, and recommend switching to high-quality and durable composite deck boards for long-term benefits and improved safety.

Our artisans know how to create the most beautiful deck you’ve ever seen. We use high-quality composite materials to verify the safety, structure, and security of your deck. See why getting rid of wood boards in favor of composite is a good idea, then give our reliable artisan team a call. 

Reasons to Replace Your Wooden Deck Surface with Composite Boards

Wood decks might look fantastic at the start, but property owners know that they start to decline in beauty and stability over time. How much of your deck you’ll need to change depends on its current condition, appearance, and safety. When you switch to some of the best composite decking materials, you’ll immediately notice numerous advantages of your deck makeover.

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Better Protection Against the Sun's UV Rays

Wooden decks can look much older than they really are due to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. UV light can bleach or lighten the wood’s color on your deck and create a worn, unattractive look. However, composite boards have a strong, protective coating to keep their color lasting for years. 

Slip-Resistant and Safer

There’s nothing worse than having friends and family members getting injured on your deck because of poor-quality materials. The latest composite boards have non-slip surfaces that ensure your deck’s safety and durability. As a result, you’re less likely to have awkward or embarrassing slipping situations and will worry less about the safety of those around you.

Less Maintenance

It takes more work to maintain wood decks, but this isn’t the case with composite. You can spend more time enjoying your deck with your loved ones by swapping wood boards for composite ones. If you like the “set-and-forget” approach to your deck, you’ll love the minimal maintenance that comes with composite boards.

Long-Term Money Savings

Can I replace my wood deck boards with composite decking? You absolutely can and will save more money when you make the switch. Although the upfront cost of composite materials could appear pricey, you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance or require an early replacement.

Moisture and Damage-Resistant

Rain, snow, and moisture can wreak havoc on a wood deck and attract harmful fungi and pests. They can eat at and damage the wood, harm the deck’s structural integrity, decrease its appeal, and cause the wood to crack or break. You don’t have to worry about all those stressful scenarios with a composite deck because these boards are moisture-resistant.

Furthermore, composite decks are less likely to experience damage. It’s easy to scratch wood decks, making the surface look worn and unattractive because there usually is nothing to protect it. Composite boards come in many colors, made of multiple organic materials, and need no staining.  

A Brand New Look

A new deck can also completely transform your outdoor space and give you more room for entertaining. Wood composite boards take the stress out of owning and maintaining a deck and allow you to get more life out of your current or new deck.

You don’t necessarily need to replace your whole deck if everything, but the wood boards are in good condition, achieving a brand-new deck without extensive work or frustration.

Repairing or Replacing Your Wood Deck: Which Is Best?

Deciding to repair your existing deck or replacing it completely depends on several factors. Of course, most people want to repair their current decks and save as much money as they can, but this is not always possible. If your deck is not structurally sound and someone could get seriously hurt, it might be time to start fresh with a secure, professionally built composite deck. 

Can I replace my wood deck boards with composite? Think about these questions before deciding to repair or replace:

  • How long have I had my deck?
  • Is it currently safe for me and my loved ones?
  • Is it more expensive to repair, rather than replace, my deck?
  • Does my deck look worse for wear?

You can likely repair your deck if some screws or fasteners are loose or if you have a couple of rotted boards. Changing out the wood for composite will make a big difference, though. Deck screws and hidden fasteners will make your composite decking more secure, and our artisans use them, too. 

Excessive mold or rot are clear signs your deck needs a replacement. Leaving these problems will only cause them to worsen, and your deck could eventually collapse when someone stands on it. Protect yourself and others by investing in a professionally-built composite deck!

Keeping Your Deck with Composite Decking

You might worry about having a non-uniform look when you replace wood boards without composite. The good news is there are ways to change the look of your substructure without tearing it down and starting fresh. You can cover your existing posts with heavy-duty and stylish composite sleeves.

You can also add composite treads to your stairs and risers to blend everything together. Ask our team of artisans how we can transform your splinter-filled wooden deck into a beautiful structure with composite boards! We provide free estimates, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Give Your Deck a Beautiful Upgrade with Artisan Outdoor Craftsman in Fishers, IN

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Can I replace my wood deck boards with composite?” reach out to our professional artisans at Artisan Outdoor Craftsman to transform your deck. Decks are a place for gathering, relaxing, and making memories, so why not have the best possible space? 

Read about the differences between composite vs. wood decking, then reach out to our team to discuss your deck project. We’re experts at crafting safe, durable, and beautiful decks and know how to build them on slopes. Call us at (317) 836-2355 to book services in Fishers, IN.