Deck Lighting and Railing

When you begin to envision how your home will look with a custom-designed deck, you will want to think about your deck lighting and railings, too. It’s obvious your choice of outdoor lighting and railing will add beauty and distinction to your deck and outdoor living space, but there are a number of other reasons you will want to choose your outdoor lights and railing structure wisely.

Benefits of deck lighting

When you get ready to choose your deck lighting and railing to complement your outdoor space, we will guide you every step of the way.  Here are some of the benefits of having the proper lighting for your outdoor environment:

Exterior lighting provides increased safety and security

Deck lighting is an attractive way to provide safety and security for yourself, your family, and guests after the sun sets and the stars come out.

If your deck is filled with furniture and fixtures, it can be difficult to navigate at night. Having adequate deck lights can illuminate the area, making it easy for anyone to see in front of them. This helps to improve safety (and perhaps keep you from having to file an insurance claim should a guest get injured on the deck at night because it was not lit properly).

Or, if you have an elevated deck and people have to walk up a flight of stairs, having the deck lighting will assist in people making the climb safely.

A well-lit deck can also serve as a deterrent for anyone who might be inclined to snoop around your property or your deck. So, light can help increase home security, too.

Improved aesthetics and curb appeal

Deck and landscape lighting let you create the perfect ambiance in your outdoor space. When you entertain family and friends, as darkness settles, the lights create a warm, inviting environment on your deck. This improves the aesthetics and what we call curb appeal.

You will take your deck (as well as your home and yard) to the next level with outdoor lights. The deck lighting options are nearly endless:

  • Step lights can be added to risers to make it easier for people to find their way up the steps
  • Rail lights can add a warm and glow to create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Post lights feature small light fixtures installed into posts to help light deck railings or pathways
  • Post cap lights are lights installed in the caps of the deck railing posts, and they offer a warm, downward glow
  • Floor lights are lights that are recessed into your deck boards
  • Security lights can be installed to add a little more protection to your home

Types of lighting for your deck

Exterior and landscaping lights have come a long way from traditional bulbs. So, you don’t have to use incandescent bulbs, rather you can choose an energy-efficient solution.

Trex offers a warm white light, and their deck lights use long-life LEDs. These lights use about 75% less energy than regular light bulbs, which makes them a perfect solution for many deck projects.

The Trex deck lighting products come with a 7-year limited warranty, and they are made of durable material to withstand tough weather conditions.

Benefits of deck railing

Just like your deck lighting, the railing for your deck will add beauty, but it serves other functions as well, including safety.

Deck railing provides increased safety

You have likely visited other homes, and maybe even businesses, where the railing on the steps and deck felt a bit flimsy. This is not good.

When Artisan Outdoor Craftsman works with you on a custom deck design, we will recommend and install a deck railing system that is both attractive and solid. You do not want your guests worrying about their safety when walking up or down the steps of an elevated deck or if they happen to lean against the railing as they take in the beauty of your outdoor living space.

We like to surface-mount these railings as much as we can.

We will present you with some railing options to complement your deck boards and style.

Increased aesthetics

Of course, your deck railing will increase the aesthetics of your deck, yard, home, and outdoor environment. Yes, the railing serves an important function, but it can add a nice touch to the ambiance you create with your custom deck project.

You can choose from a variety of railing materials and colors, and they can be cut into custom sizes to add a unique feeling to your deck.

Types of railing for your deck

At Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, we like to use a powder-coated (sometimes referred to as dry paint) aluminum railing. This is our go-to product, but we have a wide range of railing products and materials we can use.

There are several reasons we like to use the powder-coated aluminum deck railing:

  • Variety of colors: Because the deck railing is “painted,” you can choose from several colors.
  • Powder coating is durable: The addition of the powder coating to the aluminum railing components adds to the useful life of the product. The process involves the powder being sprayed on the components and then baked at a high temperature, creating a great-looking and durable finish.
  • Aluminum will not rot or rust: We build a fair number of wood decks, but aluminum does not rust. And, it will not rust.

We can also combine the aluminum railing with other kinds of materials to create a unique and interesting look for you and your family.

Enjoy your home and yard

Artisan Outdoor Craftsman can assist you with picking out the perfect lights and railing for your deck project. When installed, they will help you enjoy your home more as you extend your indoors to the deck outside. Because your lights will brighten the deck and yard, you can enjoy your home and yard long after the sun goes down.

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