Pergolas, Arbors and Other Structures

At Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, our team of experts will work with you to design custom-made pergola or arbor to serve as decorative shade structure that will match your lifestyle and your outdoor living space.

Pergolas and Arbors

Some homeowners want a beautiful addition to their yards, but they do not want full-blown backyard structures. For them, a beautiful pergola is a good solution.

A pergola offers filtered shade, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect spot. They add a wonderful backyard aesthetic, especially when you add hanging lights.

Pergolas are a great addition when you want to add elegance and beauty to outdoor entertaining. A deck or patio helps to extend your indoors to the outdoors. And, pergolas, help extend your outdoor living space, which is why they are so popular.

Pergolas will add a touch of class to your outdoors, and they are easy to build on any open, flat surface.

Where a pergola will have several posts, arbors have only two. This kind of structure serves as a grand entryway into your outdoor environment or garden.

Artisan Outdoor Craftsman has built a reputation for our pergolas, and other contractors use our Western Red Cedar Pergola Kits.

Our pergola kits come in standard sizes, however, we will be happy to design a custom pergola for you, so you can get the look and feel you want in your outdoor environment.

Pergolas and arbors require little maintenance, and they can be stained or painted if you so desire.


The Smart Pergola

If you want an outdoor space with great flexibility, then you should consider a Smart Pergola. This is a covered structure with louvers, or vinyl drops, that can be adjusted. The covering can be opened to allow maximum sunlight, or it can be covered to provide shade and rain protection.

Bring your entertaining to another level with the Smart Pergola. You can add it to your deck, whether it is on the ground or elevated, to create an outdoor living room, an outdoor dining room, an outdoor bar, or an outdoor kitchen.

Your evenings will never be the same.

Pool Houses

Sometimes called cabanas, pool houses provide great functional space for your family and guests. They allow for guests to get changed in privacy without walking through your home, dripping all over the floor.

If you run utilities to your pool house, now you have a multi-purpose building that can serve other needs and give you plenty of options. Sure, guests can now shower, change, and use the facilities, but if it is built large enough you can now entertain your friends and serve lunch or enjoy playing cards.

Pool houses can also provide storage space for your pool and spa equipment and, yes, even your Christmas decorations.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Homeowners who want to create the ultimate outdoor experience will often add a fireplace or fire pit when building an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living room. It adds ambiance to those cool evenings under the stars.


Pavilions are outdoor structures with open sides used for entertaining and shelter. We can build a free-standing pavilion for you, or we can create one that attaches to your home.

Those who choose to have an attached pavilion typically do it in conjunction with a room addition or porch addition.

Screened Structures

There’s nothing like sitting outside enjoying a cool breeze, staying dry, and avoiding flying pests. If this is you, then you might want a screened porch or patio. We can also enclose a deck by adding a cover and screens.

Other Outbuildings and Additions

At Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, we pride ourselves on being artists. We’ll get creative with our designs based on your vision. While we specialize in outdoor living spaces, we also build railings, fences, cabinetry, remodel homes, and build additions.

  • Want a she shed?
  • Want a man cave?
  • Want a garden shed?
  • Want a room addition?
  • Want a porch?

Artisan Outdoor Craftsman can build all of these for you. We are a full-service company. Let’s get started with a free estimate today so you can see what your property can become.

Pergolas, Arbors and Other Structures Projects

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