Waterproof Decks

Whether you want Artisan Outdoor Craftsman to design and build a traditional wood deck or a composite deck for you, one of the things you will want is to waterproof deck as much as possible to protect your investment. The kind of deck you have will determine what type of waterproof deck method to choose.

How to Waterproof Wood Decks

When building a wood deck, it is important to waterproof deck boards. Composite deck boards are about 95 percent recycled materials and are more water-resistant.

To waterproof a wood deck, you can use a clear sealer that will prohibit water from seeping into the deck boards’ porous surfaces. Because it propels water, sealers help to prevent your deck boards from rotting.

You can also use coatings, which are a thicker substance than sealers. There are several different kinds of coatings from which to choose, like liquid rubber, latex, enamel, or acrylic. They come in several colors. Coatings can be difficult to apply.

Vinyl membranes are another option to waterproof  wood deck. They are placed on top of the deck flooring and “welded” to the deck using a heat treatment.

Waterproof Your Deck’s Substructure

Depending on the design, whether you build a wood deck or a composite deck, it is possible the substructure might be made of wood. One way to protect the substructure is with an under-deck drainage system. This will move water away from the deck into downspouts to protect your entire deck.

If you have an elevated deck, then a drainage system is recommended. We will install an under-deck system that will afford you more usable space and keep it dry. We use an EPDM rubber commercial-grade drainage system with commercial-grade seam tape over each joist and perimeter rim joist.

One main thing that we make sure we always do is to flash up against your house so you do not have any water leaks between your house and your rim joist for future leaks.

The most important thing that we do throughout this entire process is a hose test. We make sure that before anything gets covered up underneath or on top that we are leak-free throughout your entire system.

Artisan Outdoor Craftsman Will Design, Build, and Protect the Deck You Want

We can build you a waterproof deck or a composite deck. But, no matter what kind of deck you want, Artisan Outdoor Craftsman is here to help guide you through what can be a very overwhelming process, and we will be sure to protect your investment by recommending a waterproofing method right for the deck you choose.

We’ll take the time to ensure you understand your options so you will get the deck and outdoor living environment of your dreams.

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