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Seven Wood Deck Patterns To Consider for Your Outdoor Space

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Creating a beautiful deck includes considering how your floor will look. While you can opt for the most basic pattern possible, wood deck patterns include everything from pinstripes to herringbone. A more complex pattern can upgrade the overall style of your deck and create a more interesting space for entertaining or relaxing.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wood deck patterns and methods from the best wood decking contractor in Fishers, IN.

1. Single-Width

The most basic and frequently installed deck pattern, single-width decking consists of boards measured to the same width across. This classic deck design uses consistent lines to create a simple but beautiful deck flooring that looks great with your furniture or deck accessories. Fans of graceful uniformity will love single-width flooring for its timeless design.

2. Picture Frame

A picture frame design in your decking creates a border that runs the perimeter of the deck, literally framing your interior deck with a board of consistent width and color. Picture frame decks look polished and complete, establishing a hard line between the edge of your deck and your yard. The best part of this deck design consists of how you can combine it with every other deck pattern to turn your deck into a work of art.

3. Pinstripe

Most people know what pinstripe suits look like, but imagine translating that pattern into your deck. Using a combination of boards with alternating thin and thick widths, you can create an intriguing pinstripe pattern that evokes a beachy feeling. Between the classy emotion of pinstripe clothing and the coastal warmth the pattern brings to your deck, friends and family will appreciate your comfortably unique deck floor.

4. Herringbone

For hundreds of years, flooring with herringbone patterns has evoked feelings of luxury and fine taste. You can now bring this beautiful pattern to your deck flooring, creating an outdoor space that indulges the eyes with a complex but gorgeous floor. A herringbone deck pattern can cover your entire deck, or you can use it in certain areas of your deck to denote a space set aside for a specific use, such as sunbathing or outdoor dining.

5. Patchwork

Called patchwork or tile patterns, these deck floorings use alternating geometric designs to create a literal patchwork of different patterns. Patchwork flooring can make it look like you have a larger deck while providing visual interest that doesn’t compete with your outdoor furniture and decor. To create an even more pleasing appearance, you can combine patchwork or tile pattern designs with picture framing for a neat appearance.

6. Chevron

Chevron flooring meets in the center of two diagonal boards, creating an arrow-shaped design stacked on top of itself multiple times to create a sophisticated design. Like patchwork, you can combine picture frame boards to create transitional, but functional and beautiful, deck patterns.

7. Custom

You can create a custom wood deck pattern that speaks to your specific style and intrigues guests to your home. Whether you take your inspiration from clothing patterns or ancient Greek or Roman designs, you can work with your deck designer to create a pattern all your own. A unique, custom deck pattern can take longer to install, but the lasting beauty of a deck you designed makes it a worthwhile process.

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Other Design Options

When choosing or creating your ideal deck design, you have many other options to consider before installation. You can work with a professional deck design and installation company for guidance in coming up with a beautiful, functional deck that you’ll love for decades to come. Some of the choices you’ll make include:

Board Color & Texture

From light, blonde hues to dark, varied tones, wood comes in various colors with details like particular grains, whorls, and knots. You can choose to work with only one type of wood or mix and match the colors and textures until you create a complementary palette. Should you ever want to change up your deck’s colors over the years, you can use wood stain or paint to create the look you want.

Board Width

Most homeowners considering a new deck picture a space with wooden floorboards of an equal width, often the typical five-and-a-half inches. However, when you work with a professional deck company, you have access to thicker or thinner board widths. For pinstripe floor designs or a custom deck, you can mix up the widths of your boards to create visual interest.

Transition Boards

While many homeowners wishing to create separate spaces in their decks use a multi-tier design, you can differentiate between areas of your deck by using transition boards. Transition boards often come in a starkly different color than the normal deck boards or may have a different width, creating borders for the different areas. With transition boards, you can divide up your deck into relaxation areas and cooking or dining spaces without creating a permanent design that keeps those spaces separated.

Straight or Diagonal Placement

Decks often present with straight boards jutting out from the exterior wall of a house. Even detached decks often sport deck boards that cut straight across the flooring. Diagonal decking not only offers a more interesting visual, but also provides a stronger and more stable deck flooring.

Both straight and diagonal boards lend themselves to many of the various types of deck designs, allowing you to combine the looks for an interesting deck floor pattern.

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Outfit Your Deck With a Beautiful Floor in Fishers, IN

Designing your new deck should make you excited to see the result, with a large part of your excitement coming from the appearance of your wood deck pattern. A professional deck design and building company can provide you with assistance in choosing your ideal floor pattern, hard vs. soft wood boards, and which board sizes, colors, and shapes to use. Create a beautiful, functional deck with gorgeous flooring when you call Artisan Outdoor Craftsman in Fishers, IN, at 317-813-9669.